Visa Applications

There is a discount system for multiple applications at the same time.

Application for certificate of eligibility
(invite a foreign national to Japan)
(132,000円~with tax)
Application for change of status of residence
(When your visa changes due to employment, marriage, etc.)
(132,000円~with tax)
Application for extension of period of stay(No change of circumstance)40,000円~
(44,000円~with tax)
Application for extension of period of stay(Circumstances may change)
(If the company or situation changes)
(88,000円~with tax)
Application for permission to acquire status of residence30,000円~
(33,000円~with tax)
Temporary Visitor prepare documents50,000円~
(55,000円~with tax)
Application for certificate of authorized employment
(When you change jobs)
(55,000円~with tax)
Application for permission to engage in activity other than that permitted
under the status of residence previously granted
(When you want to work part-time, etc.)
(11,000円~with tax)
Application for Permanent Residence150,000円~
(165,000円~with tax)
Application for Naturalization200,000円~
(220,000円~with tax)
Application for Special Residence Permit250,000円
(275,000円with tax)
Application for Special Permission for Landing250,000円
(275,000円with tax)
Application for Provisional Release250,000円
(275,000円with tax)
Translation of supporting documents for applications
(English, Tagalog, Urdu)
1page 5000円~
(5,500円~with tax)

*The above fee is a rough estimate of the amount of compensation.
We will inform you of the official amount after hearing your details.

Company Formation Course & Business Management Visa Application Course

Services includedFees
Establish a Company
(Preparation of Articles of incorporation, Authentication, Preparation of Incorporation Documents)
(110,000円with tax)
Visa application process150,000円
(165,000円with tax)

The registration and license tax and the actual cost of certifying the articles of incorporation are additional costs of 202,000 yen.

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