Introduction to Immigration Lawyer

Why I wanted to become an Administrative scrivener(Gyoseishoshi Immigration Lawyer)

Encountering Mother Teresa’s Books and Volunteering in India

When I was in the fifth grade, I came across a book about Mother Teresa.I was moved by all of Mother Teresa’s service activities and thoughts as she devoted her life to helping the poor people.I wanted to build a school so that children in other countries could receive a good education.

When I was in my second year of university, I went to India and volunteered at an orphanage for disabled children and a home for people waiting to die, which were created by Mother Teresa. The scene was beyond my imagination, and at first I was at a loss to do anything, but little by little I was able to get involved with people by playing with the children and wiping their bodies. It also gave me a chance to think about the meaning of life, the warmth of people, and the importance of human relationships.

Participated in the CCS Student Association for Caring for the World’s Children

Through the volunteer activities in India, I decided to join the activities of the “CCS Students Connecting Hands with the World’s Children” because I wanted to do something that I could do as a university student.
The CCS focuses on supporting Japanese language learning and academic learning for “children with foreign roots” who were born and raised overseas or have foreign parents or grandparents.

Meeting a Refugee Family and Making a Decision

Through the CCS activities, I met a refugee family who was not allowed to go to a shelter because they did not have a visa after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and when they became sick, they could not go to the hospital because they did not have a health insurance card and medical expenses would be too expensive.

I could not send food to the family or just listen to them. The family made the decision to leave their father and return to their home country, thinking about their future and the future of their children. The father could not return with his family as there was a high risk that he would lose his life if he returned to his home country.

I made up my mind to support this family together with other supporters so that they can live together in Japan one day.

Helping foreign residents to live in Japan with peace of mind

I learned that visas are very important for foreigners to live in Japan and can affect their lives and their families, so I decided to become an Immigration Lawyer because I wanted to support foreigners living in Japan and help them live in Japan with peace of mind.

Thoughts that are important in our work

Now I want to be someone’s support

I have been helped by the “support” of many people.

・When I was having trouble with my friends, the teachers at school helped me find a place to stay.
・When I lost a loved one in an accident, a teacher at my prep school gave me a word of advice that helped me persevere through the University entrance examinations.
・Even when I had difficult experiences as a University student and as a member of society, the words of my University teachers saved me many times.

When I was going through a transition in my life, I was always supported by someone’s presence and words, and was able to get through it.That’s why I wanted to find a job where I can be a support for someone else.

I want to help foreigners who are in need

I realized the importance of visas through the “CCS Student Association for Hand in Hand with the World’s Children”.

Depending on the type of visa, there are things you can do and things you can’t do, and they are very important things that affect a person’s life.I learned that there are many problems that can change a person’s life, such as not being able to do what they want to do, or not being able to work in Japan.

I would like to help those who are in need, even if only a little, so that foreign residents can open up their own future in Japan and live with peace of mind.

Make the clients smile! I want my clients and their families to live happily in Japan

I want the clients who come to my office to feel at ease, to be able to talk to me, and to have a smile on their face when they leave.

I would like to be an office where we can sincerely face each other as people, not just as clients and Administrative scrivener(Immigration Lawyer), and work together to provide the best possible solutions.

I also want my clients and their families to live happily in Japan, and for Japan to become like their home.

Representative Biography

  • Graduated from Assistant teacher at Gakushuin University
  • Assistant teacher at Gakushuin University
  • Support worker at a labor support center for the disabled
  • Joined an Gyoseishoshi Immigration Lawyer office specializing in visa as an assistant in September 2011
  • Establishment Koike Gyoseishoshi Immigration Lawyer Office on April 15, 2016

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