Staff introduction

Chiaki Katsura

My name is Chiaki Katsura, a staff member.

When I was a University student, I worked as a study support for children with roots in foreign countries in the “CCS Students’ Association to Link Hands with Children of the World”.

I also met and became friends with many international students in the “International Exchange Circle” at my University.

Even now, traveling abroad to see my friends is one of my favorite things to do.

What we value in our office

At CCS, I was very happy when a child who had been quiet and difficult to talk to gradually opened up and showed me his smile, or when he became confident enough to express his opinions in a loud voice.

I wanted to help people be who they are by transforming their anxiety into peace of mind, and I wanted to be of service to people in need, even if only a little.

I believe that many people feel anxious when making a decision or changing their living environment. As a member of the office, I would like to be there for each of you and put my heart and soul into helping you ease your anxiety and feel at ease.

Angelli Sta Ana

I’m Angelli Sta Ana, a staff member.

I am from the Philippines and came to Japan when I was 9 years old. Although there was
a language barrier, I got used to living in Japan as I learned and understood Japanese.

I am grateful for the many encounters and kind people who supported me.

How did you get into the office and what are your thoughts?

I met Ms. Yuki Koike when she was a University student and she was working as a volunteer supporting foreigners living in Japan.

She was a very kind person who listened to the problems we foreigners had in Japan and helped us. Thanks to her, my husband and I were able to live together in Japan.
Without the help of many people and Ms. Koike, I wouldn’t be able to live the life I do now.

I also experienced how difficult it was to apply for a visa. However, I was able to overcome the difficulties with the support and guidance of Ms. Koike.

I was very happy to get a job as a staff member because of that. I would like to do my best to help you and other foreign nationals as well. I would be very happy if you could think of us as a warm office that can give you smiles and courage.

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